Turning Point Scotland is joining forces with another winning team in the North-East of Scotland as the new shirt sponsor of Deveron Youth Football Club Primary 1 team.

The aim is to raise awareness of Turning Point Scotland’s Northern Horizons and PITSTOP services and strengthen the relationship with the local community.

The services support people who are experiencing substance misuse and homelessness and football is an excellent way to promote healthier and safer communities, in particular with young people.

Northern Horizons is able to help even more people in Aberdeenshire with the opening of a new office in Banff near the end of last year.

Karen Watson, service manager, Northern Horizons/PITSTOP said:

“I thought that the local youth football team was a good cause that could be supported by a local charity. The young team members benefited from the new strips which motivated them as a team and gave them an identity. At the time we were able to support a community event and the team was identified to us as looking for some sponsorship so we felt the two came together really well. The strips have encouraged discussion with the coach from parents of the team members as to what Turning Point Scotland does. This alone has raised our profile in a very positive way.

Being associated with healthy living and positive choices is one of our key messages that we would be looking to get across from sponsoring the football team.  We would also hope that we would encourage individuals to look at taking part in team sports/events and want to make more positive choices in their lifestyle decisions.”

The feedback from people being supported by Turning Point Scotland’s Northern Horizons service has been very positive:

“Having a Turning Point Scotland office in Banff has been invaluable to me, as well as providing help with my drinking and emotional problems it runs a number of groups as well as acupuncture which gives me a place to go and be around people with similar issues. This together with down to earth and approachable staff has enabled me to gradually build up my confidence with meeting people following a long period of isolation. “

“Since moving to MacDuff in February 2013 I have found the Turning Point Scotland office in North Castle Street, Banff very valuable in my recovery from alcohol dependence. The staff are friendly and helpful and have many contacts from continuing support. The office space is welcoming and the overall service provided is excellent. I use the group sessions and acupuncture every week and have had very good support when I was awarded a new home. I would have been quite lost and alone when I first moved to the area had it not been for this service provided.”

“Turning Point has been a great help to me. The people there are always friendly and compassionate. There’s always a sympathetic ear to listen to your problems and the non judgemental policy quickly opened me up to relaxing into group interaction. I am learning a lot from the course work and would miss the experience if it were not there.”


Dave Taylor, the Deveron Youth Football Club Coach (P1’s) said:

“Substance misuse affects families from all aspects of life. It doesn’t discriminate in terms of race, gender, religion, or class. Many of these people have children and they can be some of the most stigmatised people in our society. I am aware, through my work in the NHS, of the great work and support that Turning Point Scotland do for this group of people and the positive impact this has on the individuals, their families and their local community as a whole.

Football is a fantastic sport that can have a positive effect on kid’s confidence, health and well-being. So if we can raise awareness of Turning Point Scotland and the great service they provide then the whole community can benefit, not just the kids.

The kids love their new kits. It makes them feel part of a team. And the jackets are brilliant and will keep them dry and warm at all their matches and galas. Deveron Youth Football Club would like to take this opportunity to thank Turning Point Scotland for their generosity and support, particularly in these financially difficult times.”

The team have a couple of important competitions coming up and will be proudly showing off their new strips:

8th June – Portsoy Gala 15th June – MacDuff Gala