Calling all romantics! We are celebrating Valentine’s day with a ‘love’ theme. Lots of people we support have loves, passions and interests. So we asked, what do you ‘love’?

Hi I’m Marley I am an 18 year girl who has been supported by Turning Point Scotland Dumfries & Galloway for 2 years. 

I live on my own with my very own four legged monster Oli. I got Oli when he was 8 weeks old and he was only the size of loaf of bread, after 7 months he is nearly as big as a donkey.

Reasons I love Oli are he is cute cuddly always happy to see me, keeps me company and makes me feel happy and we go for long walks.

Turning Point Scotland Ayr say…

Christopher I love spending time with my girlfriend she’s always makes me happy and safe

Robert I love spending time with people that cares bout things you doing and helps building a bond and closeness

Lorna Love means happiness I love going swimming.


Turning Point Scotland Rosie’s Social Enterprises…

Stacy loves crocheting blankets because it’s therapeutic and she enjoys giving them to people as gifts.

Billy loves his mums cooking because it’s better than Gordon Ramsay.

Louise loves Lord of the Rings because she loves fantasy films.