At Turning Point Scotland we focus on our service user’s needs and wants.  We deliver person centred services in order to give each individual the opportunity to live a life to the full, in a way desirable to them.  Each service user has individual goals – some big, some small.  What might seem like nothing to us, can be of huge importance to another.

Our Services

Being involved

Involving the people we support in the decisions we make about the service they, and others, receive from us is intrinsic to our organisational values.

People can be involved at a variety of levels. They should always (where possible) be involved in decisions made about the package of support they personally receive, but additionally they can choose to become involved in:

  • The way the service they use is delivered
  • The way Turning Point Scotland as a whole delivers services
  • Influencing government policies as part of the voice of Turning Point Scotland

Being involved in the planning and delivery of a service may offer people the opportunity to learn new skills, and people often say that they feel they are more in control of their life and feel more confident as a result of being part of a service rather than simply receiving a service.  Participation can also offer raised self esteem from the knowledge that you are making a difference to other people’s lives by helping to improve the way services are delivered.

Each service uses varying methods of gaining feedback from service users that may influence the way a service is delivered e.g. suggestion boxes, house meetings, surveys, focus groups.  There are many other ways people may become involved in delivering a service.  Here are just a few – offering peer support, promoting the service to others, facilitating group work, delivering training, being involved in staff recruitment.

As an organisation we are keen to continually improve the way we involve people in our services so if you would like to be more involved please contact us.


“Every service user who wants to work should be supported to find work!”

At Turning Point Scotland, we believe that every service user who wants to work should be supported to find work, whether it is a paid job or working in the community and voluntary sectors.

Employability is not only about getting jobs, it is about helping raise people’s aspirations, preparing them for employment and ensuring that they have the qualities and skills required to retain jobs.  It therefore includes raising awareness of, and signposting to, education and training opportunities that help meet employment goals set by service users.

Employability support is offered to service users when they join a service and if appropriate again at regular meetings. Support is client centred and delivered in the most relevant manner for both the service user and the service. This can take the form of one-to-one meetings, group work or referral to other agencies as appropriate.

For some people finding a job is the key to long-term stability and independence, and is an essential part of assisting them to lead as full a life as possible.