HomelessnessTackling homelessness is a key part of fighting poverty and inequality in Scotland.

A key target of the Scottish Government is to ensure that by 2012 every unintentionally homeless person will be entitled to permanent accommodation.

This will be achieved through legislation and through investing in housing.  Homelessness is not just a housing issue. In order to help people sustain their tenancies, they need appropriate help and support and this is central to achieving the 2012 target.

The number assessed as homeless in 2009/10 stands at just over 42,000, and the number assessed as homeless and in priority need has remained at a little over 36,000.

They reason why people become homeless are wide and varied. Relationships can break down causing one party to have to leave the property at short notice, job losses can cause financial restrictions making it harder to pay the bills or ongoing health problems can worsen making the responsibility of running a home hard to manage.

Those who are most vulnerable within society are also more likely to be affected by homelessness. This can include those with physical or mental health problems, people on benefits or low incomes and those with complex needs.

In order to tackle the fight against homelessness, Turning Point Scotland provides services to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.