Turning Point Scotland provides person centred supports to people with learning disabilities and Autism Spectrum Conditions across Scotland.

We make sure the people we support are at the heart of planning and any decisions made about their support – this is what we mean when we say we are a person centred. We also ensure the people we support have a say in decisions that shape our organisation – this is done through our local and national TPS Connects groups.

Our purpose is to support people to get the life they choose and to become active citizens in their own communities. Whether it be in their own home, or sharing with someone else, for 24 hours a day, for short periods each day or for respite, we individually tailor our support to ensure people get the right outcomes in a way that is best suited to their way of life.

The majority of our services are funded through arrangements with local authority but a growing number of people choose to fund their supports through Self Directed Supports (SDS). Many people prefer using SDS as it enhances their choices and responsibilities which leads to a more independent life.

We work hard to ensure everyone gets the best support we can deliver; we have a reputation for being open to new ideas and strong if the going gets a little tough. We value our people and ensure our staff get the skills they need to support people well. We know our limits and are comfortable working with other professional groups and organisations whenever this is called for.

All of our services are registered and regulated by the Care Inspectorate.

If you are interested in being supported by or working for Turning Point Scotland or would simply like to know more, call us 0141 427 8200 or email info@turningpointscotland.com and we will try and help you in any way we can.

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