Substance misuseTurning Point Scotland manages substance misuse services which range from major residential and crisis units to smaller community based services.

We also provide services which support substance misusers who find themselves in the criminal justice system and specific services which provide arrest referral and diversion from prosecution.

Currently, we provide sixteen services throughout Scotland in locations ranging from city centres such as Edinburgh and Glasgow to remote rural locations such as Banff in the north of Scotland.

The variety of sustance misuse services that Turning Point Scotland provides reflects the differences found within communities.

Each service user faces different issues: some may be in a crisis, unable to cope and at a risk, while others may be stabilised and looking for support to gain employment.

Turning Point Scotland aims to provide a personalised service which meets the individual needs of both the service user and the local community.

Harm Reduction

Turning Point Scotland is committed to harm reduction for service users and the communities they live in.

This means our services incorporate a range of practical methods to reduce the negative consequences of substance misuse including safer use, managed use and abstinence.

You can visit the Harm Reduction Works website for further information on the benefits of this approach.

Copies of substance misuse leaflets and other campaign materials are available free of charge to Scottish drug services.  Visit Exchange Supplies to order copies online.